Attention to detail is expressed in many ways in every JURA product. One example is the precision aroma grinder that always freshly grinds the coffee beans to just the right fineness for the perfect coffee result.

Even its design is a masterpiece of modern engineering in its own right. The number, properties and angle of the cutting edges are designed to achieve the greatest efficiency and retain as much aroma as possible while also displaying little wear and great durability.


Swiss values enjoyment


Perfect enjoyment at JURA always starts with the fresh coffee bean. Every barista will tell you that coffee beans have to be ground gently to just the right fineness. Only then will they obtain the optimum taste, develop the full intensive aromas in the cup and top every espresso with a velvety soft, rich, delicate crema.

Swiss values durability


For decades, JURA has designed all its products so that they can be maintained and repaired to be as good as new for many years to come.

Materials are selected with durability in mind. A global service network ensures that products retain their value. State-of-the-art technologies maximise energy efficiency and eliminate unnecessary standby energy. JURA customers are helping to protect the environment and the future of the planet.